PRESS RELEASE – 04.08.2021

The N17 Knock to Collooney [Atlantic Economic Corridor] Project is at Phase 2 (Options Selection) of the TII Project Management Guidelines.

Further to a previous update released on the 26th of May; the Sligo Project Office now confirms that the first refinement of Feasible Route Options was completed in July 2021 (resulting from the initial Preliminary Options Assessment).

The Project Office are currently concluding a process of final design checks and verifications on those short-listed options with a view to making them available for public display/information. It is intended that these options will be published on before the 20th of August (Please note: Information in relation to the short-listed options will not be made available before this time).

Improvements to the N17 between Knock and Collooney will enhance regional connectivity thereby facilitating and supporting the economy of the Atlantic Economic Corridor (AEC) and the North-West region in general.

The Sligo National Roads Project Office appreciates the public’s continued cooperation and participation in this process.