The Sligo National Roads Project Office have released a range of initial Feasible Options for potential upgrades to the N17 between Knock and Collooney. In general, the options constitute initial broad route corridors with provisional junction location’s; these will be assessed for efficiency and effects on the environment over the coming months. The route cross section will be established once the options are refined down to a smaller number and predicted future year traffic figures can be accurately established. The option design process is iterative and flexible. As the options reduce in number, the designs and assessments will become more focussed, targeting specific areas for improvement. This may include the amalgamation of certain options and in some localised circumstances the examination of further design options. This newly designed project specific website will be used as the main platform to communicate information & updates to the public. A key component of Phase 2, and indeed overall project development, is the facilitation of stakeholder engagement by the Road Authority; therefore, the public in general are encouraged to view the information contained on this website and to provide feedback (as per the links contained on this page) on this stage of the process. The Sligo National Roads Project Office (Sligo PO) are the lead Project Managers and Designers, with support when required from the Mayo National Roads Office (Mayo NRO). A range of external Service Providers also form part of the team.