Press Release: October 2022

The following is an update provided by the Sligo Regional Design Office (RDO) in relation to the selection of the Emerging Preferred Corridor (Phase 2 of the Transport Infrastructure Irelands Project Management Guidelines) for the N17 Knock to Collooney [Atlantic Economic Corridor] Project.

The N17 Knock to Collooney [Atlantic Economic Corridor] is continuing to progress through the Option Selection Process.

As per the press release dated August 2022, a draft Emerging Preferred Corridor and draft Option Selection Report underwent a review process in July 2022.

Actions arising from this review are more extensive than anticipated. As a result, Sligo RDO are not in a position to publish the Emerging Preferred Corridor in October 2022.

Sligo RDO will provide a further update on the matter in January 2023.

The Sligo Regional Design Office appreciates the public’s continued patience as these final checks and analysis are conducted.